Community Research Exchange Launch March 23 – 27, International House, Brixton

Community Research Exchange is launching with a dynamic three-day event in Brixton this March. 

In partnership with Impact on Urban Health and Lambeth HDRC, The Brixton Project will be gathering local residents, cultural practitioners, governing bodies, and public funders to collaboratively explore how community-led narratives can drive social change.

Aims and Objectives
The Community Research Exchange is dedicated to the reshaping of narratives that are currently holding society back: a move away from top-down approaches to community-powered initiatives, guided by lived experiences and collective action. Through a rich tapestry of workshops, roundtables, talks, and activities, participants will engage in meaningful dialogue, foster collaboration, and reflect on advancing the principles of community research and narrative leadership.

Program Overview
The Community Research Exchange will begin on March 23rd with the Narrative Exchange. Community members will engage in conversations led by Impact on Urban Health’s Community Researchers and workshops facilitated by local practitioners. The day will end with discussions on preserving traditional communication methods and performances curated by Vinyl Sound Memories.

On March 26th, the focus will shift to Community Research in Practice, with presentations, dialogues, and insights from creative practitioners. The day will conclude with the 81 Acts Retrospective.

Finally, on March 27th, Shifting Power will take centre stage with keynote addresses, mapping exercises, reports from ‘The Exchange’ Community Researchers, and an introduction to The Culture Project, followed by an evening reception at International House launching the Community Research Exchange.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey to amplify community voices and drive meaningful change. Your presence and participation will shape the future of community research and narrative leadership.