Community Research Exchange (CRX) is a radical new programme from The Brixton Project designed to shift the power narrative in our society: from top-down to bottom-up.

It creates a permanent dialogue with the people of Lambeth and Southwark, placing the wisdom and imagination of our neighbourhoods at the centre of the boroughs’ approaches to pressing societal issues.

For too long inequalities of race, health and wealth (and society’s attempts to deal with them) have been the preserve of large, unwieldy institutions. Nineteenth century structures attempting to address Twenty-first century issues. It’s time to switch the narrative.

There’s nothing more natural than upgrading an operating system that’s out of date.

The CRX is dedicated to powering that upgrade.

How it Works

The Community Research Exchange is a rolling series of investigations.

Convening the community with borough-wide infrastructural capacity and the creative sector it adopts a simple three-part methodology.

We start with a question. It could be broad – for example: how do we want to live, or what do we need to thrive? It might be more focused: how do we address colonial legacy, or how can we be more climate resilient?

These questions are then investigated, in turn, by: the community, institutions and other professionals, and creative practitioners.

The community representatives will determine WHAT is important: what the people of Lambeth and Southwark need.

Institutions will determine the WHO, WHERE and HOW of the response to the question – adopting a collaborative, not competitive approach to the issues.

A final session, led by creative practitioners, centres the imagination, to embed and enrich the dialogue between community and institutions. This session concentrates on WHY the work is important, and is designed to unlock the key motivational drivers that transform theory into real action.

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