Windrush '75 Community Fund

Lambeth Council have allocated £35,000 towards community led events celebrating the 75th anniversary of Windrush 2023 in the borough of Lambeth.

The intention of this fund is to support a wide variety of community activity in celebration of Windrush 75, as a result the maximum award granted for an application will be £5,000 and there will be a limited number of awards at this level. Due to potential demand the panel may not be able to award the full amount requested in order to ensure a good spread of community activities are supported.

Please make sure realistic financial budgets are submitted for activities at the time of applying.

Applicants are invited to submit a proposal using the form at the bottom of this page. Applications must include: 

  • A detailed outline of planned activity 
  • Date the proposed activity will take place 
  • Location of the proposed activity 
  • Detailed and robust budget
  • Delivery plan including key milestones 
  • Details of any partnerships and collaborations
  • Target community/ audience for the proposed activity e.g., young people,  community elders, faith groups 


Applications including match funding, support-in-kind or sponsorship will be favorably considered.

Letters of support encouraged.


The Windrush ‘75 Community Fund will be open to: 

  • Social enterprises, not-for-profits, charities, and CIC’s 
  • Community organisations and faith groups 
  • Legally constituted voluntary and community organisations (including schools and resident’s groups) 
  • Artists, creatives, musicians, and performers 
  • Historians and social researchers

Any allocation from this programme must be spent and accounted for within 4 weeks of completion of the project activity.

The recipient is required to submit receipts as evidence of expenditure together with a monitoring and feedback form at the end of the project.

Applications from non-constituted groups will be accepted – if possible non-constituted groups should provide an accompanying letter of support from a guarantor. Guarantors must be a constituted group or registered charity.

If you are an individual or non-constituted group, do not have a business account and do not have a guarantor your grant will be released in instalment (30% upfront, 50% after receiving the receipts & invoices for the first expenditure, 20% remaining amount)

  • Submit your invoice & receipts before we will release the next instalment of funds
  • Mid-way review of your expenditure
  • Attend a workshop to prepare your risk assessment and safeguarding if relevant

Failure to meet the grant conditions may result in the clawback of funds.

If you are a non-constituted group and would like to discuss your application further please email

Please note activities must take place in the Borough of Lambeth to be eligible to the grant. Activities can take place across June, the panel will be focused funding a range of activities that will create a fully rounded community programme.

Judging Criteria 

The independent funding panel will be led by the London Borough of Lambeth. The panel will manage, review, and make the final decision on all applications. 

Applications will be scored against criteria, including: 

– Relevance of proposed activity to the Windrush generation and their descendants (25%) 

– The benefit of the proposed activity to the local Lambeth-based community (25%) 

– Demonstration of previous experience delivering projects/ activity within the  community (25%) 

– Evidence the applicant has consulted with local community and/or included them  in the conception of their idea (15%) 

– Consideration of risk to delivery (10%)  


Applications open: 12 April 2023

Applications close: 26 April 2023

Windrush Community Fund Application Form