Space In Between

A series of talks, events and happenings over eight days in October 2021 to celebrate our Creative Enterprise Zone.

Through five key strands:

Creative FuturesCultureEcologyEconomy and Place, we explored the times in which we find ourselves.

As we slowly surface from shared slumber, into the realisation that this is the decade when everything will change, it is up to us to similarly see that everyone can change.

The late David Graeber said “The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make, and could just as easily make differently.”

We stand on the margin of making differently, to move from this reality to the next, we must step into The Space In Between.

The Space In Between invited the audience to embrace the pluriversal; immersing ourselves in the stories that rarely get explored, to see the world through the eyes of others; to tend and nurture the soil in which we expect to grow new seeds for a community with creativity and care at its heart.

We sat with difference, made ourselves uncomfortable; we talked, but most importantly, we listened.

Partners & Collaborators

Poetic Unity

Poetic Unity is a Brixton based charity that provides support and services for children and young people aged 10-30 years old across the UK. Our vision is to give young people a voice and to empower them to reach their highest potential. We use poetry as a tool to support young people's mental health, education, personal development, physical health, and community cohesion.

White Allies

White Allies is an initiative to create change in our society by collecting stories from white people. We ask white people to contribute a story/ stories that describes an occasion when they witnessed racism or they became aware of privilege. By going within, doing this work and sharing your story, you can become a white ally and help fight racism.

Black Culture Market

Black Culture Market supports emerging entrepreneurs & new black businesses of African & Caribbean descent with opportunities to showcase and sell their products in the retail industry.