Post-pandemic we are acutely aware of the devastating impact of colonialism on the systems and authorities that underpin our lives.

From climate change to social justice and health, the stark inequalities experienced by Black and Brown people gives us real reason to question fact that is presented as truth and examine bias that is presented as normality.

While it is imperative for institutions, structures and authorities to decolonise, as individuals we have responsibility to ourselves to be active in developing a personal understanding of our innate resources for discerning our own truth.

The impact of Covid-19 and the global vaccination programme make a very personal call on people of colour that is a challenge to the narrative of decolonisation in the intimate area of health. This is not a place for myths, memes or coercion; with the onset of policies and procedures that will define our access to many areas of life, decisions we make about health have far-reaching consequences.

Rooted is an immersive five-day personal development course for anyone who wants to reboot a sense of self and confidence. By unearthing connections to ancestry, nature and creativity you will establish a personal perspective that transcends the narrative of colonisation.

We are offering 15 free places, travel expenses, food and drink to people based in Lambeth aged 18-30.

Partners & Collaborators

Babel Theatre

Babel are an award winning contemporary theatre company creating multidisciplinary, highly-visual theatre which integrates movement, text and music to communicate the grey areas in life where language alone is insufficient. We strive to make our work wide open to interpretation and put our audience at the heart of the narrative.

Living London

Living London ‘wanderings’ are walks that connect wondrous hidden gems in an area- they offer Londoners the opportunity to explore areas that remain relatively unknown & bring London’s hidden gems to life through storytelling and anecdotes of people and place.


ELEVATE is Lambeth’s mission to open up the creative and cultural sector to every young person in the borough.