Brixton Design Trail

Founded in 2014, The Brixton Design Trail (BDT) was an annual creative festival involving an extensive network of multi-disciplinary talent, based in and around Brixton, South London.

BDT hosted an annual ten-day cultural takeover of central Brixton to showcase some of the best creative work south of the river during the London Design Festival. We aimed to express our curiosity and inspire fresh creative thinking around powerful themes.

With over 50 events all over town and 15 headline projects, visitors enjoyed installations and activations in a diverse range of locations in the public realm from railway arches and bridges, to leading cultural organisations like the Black Cultural Archives.

Integral to the success of BDT was the formation and nurturing of the multi-disciplinary creative network, which included and gave equal opportunities to many grassroots and upcoming creatives.

One of its most important legacies, BDT’s network has become an instrumental part of Brixton’s Creative Enterprise Zone, status awarded by the Greater London Authority in 2018.
Some of the artwork created for BDT have permanent homes, like 2017’s “Hubb” by AWMA, which is now in London Central Mosque in Marylebone, and 2016’s “Brixton: The pot is melting…” by Jon Daniel, which was subsequently sold at Article 25’s 10×10 Auction.

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