Brixton Bridge

In September 2017 we launched a design competition in partnership with Lambeth Council for a new ‘gateway feature’ on the Brixton Road Rail Bridge, replacing the damaged B OUR GUEST artwork.

A judging panel awarded ‘STYLE AND PATTAN…INNA BRIXTON’ by Farouk Agoro and Akil Scafe-Smith the commission.
This submission provoked a particularly lively discussion and succeeded in winning over the panel with its powerful message of ‘Come in Love, Stay in Peace’ to provide a welcome message to all those entering and leaving Brixton.

The designers’ approach is one of expressing undertones of ‘love’, ‘neighbourliness’, ‘homecoming’ and ‘peace’ act as a potent reminder of Brixton as more than an area, but a community. It is a play on the common saying ‘Come in Peace’, coalescing the action of coming and going in Brixton, by playfully interpreting both sides and directions of movement as the ultimate act of approach.”

The design of the bridge was heavily influenced decorative elements found in and around the area: the polychromatic diamond pattern is inspired by the iconic string vest – an item of clothing sold throughout Brixton market and made popular by Brixton’s Caribbean and Rastafarian community.

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