Windrush 75

In 2023, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Windrush, The Brixton Project delivered its most ambitious programming to date, organising “Procession” – A huge celebration of the Windrush Generation through the streets of Brixton. The Brixton Project partnered with Lambeth Council to facilitate the distribution and support of several Windrush events across Lambeth through the “Windrush Community Fund”.

Procession was inspired by the work of local artist Hew Locke and involved local schools and young people. It led to Windrush Square, where a programme of performances and speeches took place. Harnessing the traditional spirit of carnival with art, theatre, and music; Procession set the story of the Windrush migration within the wider context of Caribbean heritage through the themes of Ancestry, Caribbean Roots, Building Britain, Carnival, and Future in celebration of the Windrush generation and their transformative role and contribution to shaping modern Britain. Procession took place along Railton Road, a key artery through Brixton and a historic space for the UK’s black community.

The making of Procession has brought together a number of internationally renowned Lambeth based creative partners. The HMT Empire Windrush float was designed by the United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration. Art direction was by Ray Mahabir of Sunshine International Arts and movement was choreographed by Greta Mendez MBE in collaboration with Oxygen Arts.

On arrival at Windrush Square there was a programme of performances led by a welcome address by Reverend Bishop Brown, speeches from dignitaries, a performance by Black British Ballet and AkomaAsa Performing Arts Academy.

Procession gathered over 50 creative practitioners, 400 participants, and 35,000 audience members and visitors for a hugely successful celebration of Windrush’s 75th anniversary..

In addition to this, the Brixton project built – A website dedicated to highlighting events taking place over the Windrush period, hosting school resources and sharing stories and art from the Windrush generation and their descendants.

In partnership with Lambeth Council, 16 community groups and charities were awarded a total of £35,000 pounds to deliver events. This fund enabled Domino’s tournaments, production of performances, lunches, street parties and mural paintings.

Partners & Collaborators


UNBOSI is a lesser-known department of the United Nations, established in 1950 to investigate acts of extreme inspiration and the individuals who commit those acts. Their team identify and research sites of significant inspiration, discover new ways to store and share inspiration, and find ways to ignite inspiration in the people who need it most, all around the world.

Sunshine International Arts

The mission of S.i.A is to empower emerging artists and local arts organisations across all disciplines in their creative lives and professional/organisational development. We specialise in the art of carnival, with our program of activities representing the motto “Think Local”.

Oxygen Arts

Oxygen Arts is a creative production agency that specialises in targeting and working with diverse communities. Oxygen Arts is a social enterprise that reinvests our profits into digital and performing arts training for young people from the global majority, in the UK and abroad.