What is The Culture Project?

The Culture Project is a convening space for cultural organisations, businesses, stakeholders and practitioners from across the borough (and beyond) to collaborate on helping build societal resilience grounded in purpose.

Powered by the Community Research Exchange – a programme of grassroots workshops, roundtables, investigations and events – The Culture Project marries top-down institutional and professional capacity and capability to bottom-up perspective and need.

Fostering meaningful collaboration it seeks to transform the isolation and separation of siloed approaches to social problems into connected, sustainable ecosystems.

The Culture Project is an opportunity to join-the-dots between creativity and social issues, it embeds imagination at the heart of how we navigate the challenges that surround us.

From air pollution to the decolonisation of our public spaces, community co-creation to the inequalities of economics and class, The Culture Project applies a holistic and inclusive methodology for change that embeds ordinary people in our cultural bodies – and vice-versa.

Crucially, this is no elitist talking shop but a leveling of the creative and cultural playing field. The Culture Project establishes a framework for a resilient and relevant engine for social change based on imagination, creativity and diverse cultural exchange.

The Culture Project will embed narrative leadership from the grassroots: providing a cross-disciplinary approach to how we want to live, and living proof that another world is not simply possible, but already being driven by local people.

What will The Culture Project do?

It will meet. Quarterly strategic sessions involving the large cultural institutions in the boroughs, the local creative economy, community, government and third sector collaborators.

It will programme. Identify opportunities for cooperation, share insights and resources, link-up organisations currently ploughing similar furroughs but never coordinating.

It will get its hands dirty. Joining-the-dots between the great and good and the grassroots is hard work, and The Culture Project team knows how to do it. It will help build capacity and bolster skills; it will help ideate and it will project manage.