Who will be part of The Culture Project?

From the internationally-renowned institutions of the south bank to creative business large and small; the third sector to local government The Culture Project will synthesise cultural and community perspectives as we navigate the question: how do we want to live?

Most importantly, the Project’s investigative engine, the Community Research Exchange, and a 100% inclusive approach to programming will ensure that the people of Lambeth and Southwark will play a central role.

The Culture Project team is also already actively working with several partners on adjacent programmes. Lambeth HDRC, in association with multiple South London health initiatives, is a five year research project to investigate the social determinants of public health. The Economic and Social Research Council’s Centre in Community Connectedness is a multi- disciplinary collaboration between academics, policy makers, funders, practitioners and communities. It is seeking to understand how local factors and the actions of local, regional and national organisations affect the experiences of participation and connectedness.